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IRS Form 1023
Facility Use Request, Application, and Agreement
Student Registration Form
Operating and Maintaining School Facilities and Grounds
Technology Plan Policy
Incident Report Policy
Custodial and Facilities Management Request for Proposals (RFP)
Employee Warning Notice Form
Audio Visual Check-In Form
Teaching Materials Check-In Form
Room Inventory Form
End of The Year Checkout Form
Maintenance Repair Checklist
Field Trip Policy
Expense Report
Expense Report
Standard Timesheet
Fire Drill Report Form
Fire Drill Policy
Standard Student Withdrawal Form
Disciplinary Action Form
Sexual Harassment Policy
Staff-Parent Interaction Policy
Maintenance Complaint Form
Purchase Order Form
Classroom Safety Checklist
Audio Visual Request Form
Concession Sales Reconciliation Form
Invoice Approval Form
Equipment Responsibility Form
School Key Policy
Travel and Expense Policy
Food Service Money Transfer Log
Standard Transportation Bus Log Form
Fundraiser Financial Report
Fundraiser Request Form
Purchase Order Form
Standard Timesheet Form - 2010
Standard Timesheet Form - 2010
Standard Petty Cash Request Form
School Club Account Register
Request for Use of School Building Facilities
School Club Account Deposit Register Form
Intent to Attend Form
Ticket Sale Reconciliation Form
Emergency Meal Application Form
Direct Deposit Form
Personnel Action Form
Field Trip Request Form
Field Trip Permission Form
Personnel Requisition Form
Form to Request Bag Lunches
Request To Hire Form
Payment Receipt Log
Principal Offer Letter Form
Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form
Employee Exit Interview
Textbook Check-In Form

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Contains a variety of helpful sample documents. Use these tools to plan and operate your charter school more effectively and efficiently.


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