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Stefanie J. Allweiss, LLC
Ms. Allweiss is available as an HR Consultant to service Administrators, Board of Governors, School Leaders, Principals and Staff on the drafting and implementation of the Human Resources Handbook: Personnel, Staff and Student Policies.

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Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFP Due Date: 06.15.2015
Issuer: Redwood Preparatory Charter School

Request for Proposal

June 8, 2015


To meet conditional-use permit requirements by the City of Fortuna Planning Commission for Property located at 1480 Ross Hill Road, Fortuna, CA 95540. Please submit RFP to Lisa Jager, or 1355 Ross Hill Road, Fortuna, CA 95540 by 4:00, Monday, June 15.

I.          BUILDING DEPARTMENT Requirements:

2.         The building shall be brought up to 100% accessibility due to the change of use (occupancy classification) including, but not limited to, the following:

·         Path of travel from public right away to the building and to all handicapped accessible parking spaces

·         Access throughout the building;

·         Restrooms.


3.         Based on actual site conditions, to be determined, the building may need to be upgraded, including but not limited to, the following:

·         Smoke detectors;

·         Exit signs;

·         Emergency lights.



1.                  Accessible parking facilities shall be in compliance with the American Disabilities Act, California Building Code, and City Standards.  A handicap path of travel needs to be shown on a site plan from the right of way to the place of business and to and from all handicapped accessible parking spaces.

2.                  Landscaping, drainage, LID improvements and compliance with city requirements including all finish grades, slopes, dimensions, striping and signage.

3.                  Turn lane extension, traffic improvements, per City of Fortuna May 2015 traffic study. 

4.                  Curb, gutter, and sidewalk installation.

5.                  Site preparation and paving.

6.                  Tenant improvements to existing building.

Selection Criteria for Vendors/Contractors:

Contractors/Vendors should possess the ability to perform successfully under the terms and conditions of the activities described above. The following will be considered:

  • Qualifications
  • Compliance with public policy
  • Record of past performance
  • Financial and technical capacity


Qualified sources will give priority to small, minority, or women’s business enterprises, or labor surplus area firms whenever possible.

Cost/Price Analysis during Bidding and Proposals

All proposals will be subject to a cost or price analysis based upon the following criteria. The type and degree of analysis will vary depending on the situation; at a minimum, the following analyses will incur:

  • Independent estimates will be considered before receiving bids or proposals for all proposed activities.
  • A cost analysis will be performed and the potential contractor/vendor is required to submit the elements of his or her estimated cost, such as under an architectural engineering services contract.
  • A cost analysis will be performed when adequate price competition is lacking, and for sole-source proposals (including noncompetitive proposals).
  • A cost analysis will be performed for contract modifications or change orders, unless price reasonableness can be established on the basis of catalog or market price of a product sold in substantial quantities to the general public, or based on prices set by law or regulation.
  • A price analysis will be used in all other instances to determine the reasonableness of the proposed contract price.
  • All proposals must include a guaranteed ceiling price that the contractor exceeds at its own risk.


Suspended and Debarred Parties

·         Proposals will not be considered from any party that is debarred or suspended or is otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation in Federal assistance programs under Executive Order 12549, “Debarment and Suspension.”


Additional Documents: RFP for Hope Site.pdf

The RFP Organization listed above ("Issuer") expressly reserves the right to: (i) cancel this solicitation and/or reject all proposals submitted; (ii) accept any proposal or alternate as submitted without negotiations; (iii) accept or negotiate with all proposals submitted determined to be within the competitive range; (iv) require revisions to, corrections of, or other changes to any proposal submitted as a condition to its being given any further consideration; (v) reject submissions that contain conditions and/or contingencies that in Issuer's sole judgment, make the submission indefinite, incomplete, or otherwise non-responsive or unacceptable for award; (vi) waive minor irregularities in any submission provided such waiver does not result in an unfair advantage to a respondent; (vii) take any other action allowable by applicable law or regulation; or (viii) reject the submission of any respondent that has submitted a false or misleading statement, affidavit or certification in connection with such submission or this Request for Proposals; (ix) select for negotiation the overall best proposal or alternate submitted, in accordance the selection criteria; (x) negotiate with one or more respondents in any manner Issuer deems fit, (such negotiations may be concurrent or sequential as Issuer determines); (xi) solicit Best and Final Offers (BAFO) utilizing an appropriate procedure following the conclusion of any such negotiations specified in (x); or (xii) reopen negotiations after the BAFO procedure, if it is in Issuer's best interest to do so. No respondent shall have any rights against Issuer arising at any stage of the solicitation from any negotiations that take place, or from the fact that Issuer does not select a respondent for negotiations. Respondents are advised that in no event, including, but not limited to, those events described in items (i) through (xii) of the preceding sentence, will Issuer or Charter School Tools reimburse the respondent for the cost of bid preparation, lost profits or consequential damages of any kind by virtue of Issuer not selecting an respondent to perform the work under this RFP.

For questions or to respond to the RFP, please contact:
Lisa Jager
1355 Ross Hill Rd.
Fortuna, California 95540
Phone: 7076826149


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