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The Tutoring Center

Common sense tells us that children learn best when they enjoy learning. When you arrive at THE TUTORING CENTER, you'll notice right away what sets us apart from other after-school learning centers. First, we are very proud of the organized, clutter-free environment we provide for your child. We have carefully designed our centers to help your children focus, concentrate, and excel to heights you may have never thought possible. Second, when you look inside our Centers, you will see children who are excited about learning and having FUN while doing it — and some of these children are the same children the schools were convinced could not be motivated. Let your child surprise you with success and excitement!

Our reputation for superior academic services throughout the United States is strong. In fact, over the years, many teachers, principals, private school directors, and superintendents of education have placed their trust in us to help their own children succeed. The quality of our educational system is unmatched.

When we started THE TUTORING CENTER in 1994, we must have had the right idea because, each year, the demand for our personalized tutoring programs has increased dramatically. THE TUTORING CENTER's commitment to personal attention, quality, and service have always set us apart.

As families benefit from our unique approach, they refer THE TUTORING CENTER to their friends and neighbors. These referrals are at the heart of our growth as we quietly expand without a flashy or costly advertising campaign. Families recognizing the clear benefit of a "personal coach" are choosing our unique approach. As a result, we have become one of the fastest growing after-school learning companies in America.

Phone: 949.586.9543

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