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RISE is an international program management, technical services and strategy consulting company whose mission is to help our clients deliver exceptional capital improvement projects and major infrastructure programs.

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Real Estate Development & Financing

2010 Charter School Facility Finance Landscape
2010 Charter School Facility Finance Landscape - The Educational Facilities Financing Center (EFFC) of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is pleased to announce publication of the "2010 Charter School Facility Finance Landscape," an updated mapping survey of private nonprofit and public financing programs for charter school facilities across the nation, including for the first time, information on charter school access to the tax-exempt bond market.

The 2010 Landscape includes descriptions of private philanthropies and nonprofit organizations active in the sector and detailed data on all rated charter school bond issuances through 2009. Performance data is provided for both loans and tax-exempt bond issues, indicating strong performance for charter schools that have obtained financing to date. Public initiatives are also detailed, including federal programs supportive of charter school facilities and state policies in all 40 jurisdictions with a charter law.

Securing adequate and affordable facilities remains a central challenge for charter school operators in 2010, hindering the growth of some of the country's highest performing schools and limiting the impact of charter schools in the nation's education reform efforts. Equitable public facilities funding remains an elusive goal. At the same time, the economic downturn and tightening of the credit markets have slowed charter school access to private sector financing. The result has been an expanding public charter school population held captive to the vagaries of the global economy.

The 2010 Landscape will serve as a roadmap for individual charter schools as they strive to finance their buildings and as a policy guide for those interested in helping to rationalize the sector and develop more equitable funding for charter school facilities. The report includes all available website and statutory references, with active links in the electronic version.

2014 Charter School Facility Finance Landscape Study
The 2014 Charter School Facility Finance Landscape study is the most comprehensive source of information on how charter schools fund real estate projects. First released in 2005, this edition provides a current and robust survey of the activities of foundations, nonprofit financing organizations and real estate developers working to build, expand and upgrade charter schools. The study also offers detailed descriptions of the state of the tax-exempt bond market for charter schools as well as of federal and state-by-state policies that support funding for these facilities.
Submitted By: Reena Abraham

Charter Facilities: A How-To Guide (non-Prop 39)
Charter Facilities: A How-To Guide (non-Prop 39) is a presentation from the 2013 California Charter School Conference. Facilities are one of the major barriers to opening, scaling, and sustaining quality charter schools. This tool covers and demystify the major issues around finding and securing appropriate facilities, zoning/permitting/occupancy, funding source opportunities and limits, site selection, and getting it done right by building the best team for your school.
Submitted By: John Lemmo
Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

Charter School Bond Issuance: A Complete History
Charter School Bond Issuance: A Complete History serves to provide greater transparency to the charter school sector of the municipal market for both investors and charter school borrowers. This data-rich compendium examines the 13-year history of the charter school tax-exempt bond sector, and for the first time.
Submitted By: Reena Bhatia
Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Charter School Facility Development & Financing
The Charter School Facility Development & Financing tool includes topics regarding the facility development process, facility financing, Louisiana charter school facility landscape, and Louisiana case studies.
Charter School Tools

Financial Audit Checklist & Tracker
Financial Audit Checklist & Tracker tool is to be used as a checklist and tracker during an audit.
Submitted By: Joe Keeney
4th Sector Solutions

Financing: Speed Date Your Lender
Financing: Speed Date Your Lender tool is from the 2013 National Charter School Conference. Which lender is right for your school? Never before at the conference has there been an opportunity to discuss your charter school financing questions and projects with multiple lenders all in the same room. This session will provide a brief summary of organizations, including bond financers and lenders. Then you’ll have an opportunity to speed date your potential lenders and ask them questions about your project.
Submitted By: Stephanie DeVane
Nonprofit Finance Fund

Finding Facility Financing
This Finding Facility Financing article by Joe Keeney discusses the variety of forms facility financing can come. The article covers ways to fund your charter school and proposes solutions to charter school facility financing solutions.
Charter Schools Insider

Nuts and Bolts of Facility Financing: What's Best for Your School
Nuts and Bolts of Facility Financing: What's Best for Your School is from the 2013 California Charter School Conference. This tool discusses financing options to secure a permanent site are numerous and fairly complex, and figuring out which one will work best for your school takes time and experience. This tool will look at a variety of tools, from straight debt to bonds and New Market Tax Credits, with representatives of schools sharing the general pros and cons of each structure, practical tips, potential issues, and lessons learned.
Submitted By: Cécile Chalifour
Low Income Investment Fund

Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist
The Real Estate Due Diligence checklist tool is a due diligence checklist for the acquisition of a commercial property. The list is not exhaustive but may include some items a charter school buyer may not have considered prior to negotiating or closing on a potential school property.
Submitted By: Charter School Tools
Charter School Tools

Real Estate Strategic Planning Real Solutions to Real Challenges
The Real Estate Strategic Planning Real Solutions to Real Challenges tool was presented at the 2011 Michigan Charter School Conference. This tool includes planning considerations, real estate considerations, and due diligence considerations.
Submitted By: Paul Wills
Plante Moran CRESA

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